“Hello everyone! My name is Alexandra Dodoi, a blues singer from Iasi, Romania. Music was always my lucky star. My first encounter with music was when I was 11 years old, when I always felt that I have to share my singing voice with everyone I know. I was singing all the time, with no one being able to stop me from exercising my new passion. As days were going by, this passion turned into a way of life and I started studying music in order to become better and better. Because I know many of you are curious about my origins, before talking about the present, let’s take a dive into my past and hopefully answer to some of your inquiries.”

I was born in 1998, in Barlad, a little town from Moldova. Since I was very young, I felt a strange connection between my heart and art. Before discovering my true designation, I tried different activities such as painting, writing, puppet shows or even gymnastics, only to find out that music is my true path.
In the fifth grade, my music professor proposed an audition in order to discover the potential new singers for the school’s choir. “I found it”, she exclaimed after listening to my audition. Happy on the inside, but shy on the outside, at first the idea of singing as part of the choir didn’t entice me. However, 4 years of my childhood, I was part of the school’s choir.


With time came experience, and the stage felt like second home to me when I entered high school. In the first year of high school I asked my parents to enroll me in a private singing school. My parents were always my biggest fans, believing in all my dreams, so without any hesitation, they granted me this wish. The next 4 years I went to almost all the musical contests in my country, winning many of them. I can’t but feel proud of all the achievements I obtained in that period.

Although I was happy with myself as an artist, there were some persons and obstacles in my path, so it was not an easy ride. There were even moments when I almost quit. However, music never let me do it.

When I finished high school, I chose to continue my studies in one of the most prestigious faculties in our country, The Law School from Iasi. New city, new life, on my own, the only thing that didn’t change was my music. After two live performances in Iasi, Andrei Cerbu saw me and immediately contacted me asking if “I wanna sing some blues, maybe some Beth Hart”. “Say no more”, was my answer, given the fact that Beth Hart is my all time favorite singer. However, Blues was a new territory for me, but after my first attempt with “I’ll take care of you” featuring Andrei, I felt that this is my true purpose in life

A few months later the biggest Blues festival in Romania, “Open Air Blues Festival – Brezoi 2018” was on the way, and The Rockin’ Groove was part of that show, being called the youngest and freshest blues-rock band in Romania. Don’t forget that this was actually our debut! Who would’ve imagined? There are no words to describe the level of our emotions. It was all for the best, our debut proving to be a big success, the crowd being so supportive and after the show, we were all crowd bathing, signing autographs and taking selfies with our new fans.

The chemistry between us grew and grew, so it was impossible for us not to continue this project. A new year on the horizon, and new stages to conquer! We were present to all the blues-rock festivals in Romania, being invited twice to the most relevant rock radio station in our country, ROCK FM. Moreover, in 2019 we won the Blues/Jazz Revelation of the Year 2018 Award, the ceremony taking place at Hard Rock Café Bucharest. Our work for the first album inevitably started, and it will come out very soon. In this album you can find my very first composition “See you at Night”.

That’s all about the past, now let’s focus on present and future. In the present I try to keep up with my double agent life, from Monday until Friday being a full-time student, while in weekends a singer in the most enthusiastic and amazing blues-rock band ever. I recently created my YouTube Channel where I post blues covers and also plan on sharing original compositions in the future.

“There you have it, story of my life written only for you my dear fans. You are the engine that keeps me running! If I were to give a piece of advice, I would encourage you to never give up on your dreams and passion, because this is what makes you different and different is perfect.

Thank you all for your incredible support and messages, do note that I read them all. Can’t wait to see you again on my YouTube channel so we can sing together another song! Love you all!”